Set on Sunday felt very relaxed. Team was a mix of regular players with a few fill ins. Had a new piano player, a guest drummer and one of the singer-songwriters from our church co-led. All the players did a good job.

Call To Worship
O God, whose blessed Son was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil, and make us the sons of God, and heirs of eternal life; Grant us, we beseech thee, that, having this hope, we may purify ourselves, even as he is pure; that, when he shall appear again with power and great glory, we may be made like unto him ini his eternal and glorious kingdom; where with thee, O Father, and thee, O Holy Ghost, he liveth and reigneth ever, one God, world with end. Amen.

We love the Shane & Shane version of this song. We’ve bumped it to G to make it more playable. We didn’t have electric guitar so I had our new piano players carry the riff. It worked great. Because we didn’t have the overdrive of an electric, I asked our drummer to use more ride cymbal than open hi-hat. This worked better with our setup – two acoustics, bass, piano, pads and percussion.

To get into the next tune, I introduced our guest musicians and admitted the awkwardness of asking our new piano player to be in charge of starting song 2. He did a good job, though. My little intro didn’t phase him at all!

THE NAME (link)
I wasn’t sure if this would work without electric but I think the energy was there. Caroline and I carved out some places where we would hang back on acoustic to give it some dynamic lift. Our percussionist did a cool pattern on snare with his brushes which added some loopy-ness to the song. The battery on my in-ears died during this one at second service so I grabbed a rechargeable from the unit on stage while senior pastor came up.

Senior Pastor was much shorter this week on his intro! One of our staff got engaged over the weekend, so the whole time he was talking I was looking to see if the staffer was in the room. We wanted to be sure and recognize them in the service.

Drummer and percussionist owned this song. Drummer played the 8th on the rim of the snare instead of the hats which kept it from feeling quite so rock n’ roll. He also used a much bigger ride cymbal which was brighter with rods. I felt like this bigger ride “split the difference” between our normal ride sound and the standard rock hi-hat. Caroline sang melody on verse 1 and 2 and then took harmony after that. Piano and keys guy were awesome on this one!

I prayed after this song, more as a celebration/reminder of what we sang instead of using it to transition into next song. While I prayed, keys guy picked a perfect pad.

I just can’t do the rock version of this song. I think the Brenton Brow (or even Tomlin) versions are much smoother and singable. Keys guy was great on B3 on this one and drums and bass were locked in. I had piano double the melody while I sang. Song seemed to go better in second service than first, but both were good.

I took a minute to talk about Caroline’s forthcoming album because we were about to do a song from it. I spoke briefly about how much I loved the song and then let Caroline introduce it. She read scripture and then got into the song.

I can’t get enough of this song. We kept it pretty close to the studio version although we added an extra chorus. Would have like to go double capo on this to match the studio version but Caroline’s acoustic was already really strong as the lead instrument. Band did a good job on this – it had a TON of energy!


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