220px-PearlJam-Ten2I love working at Bethel Bible Church. It’s been so vital to the spiritual health of my family, it’s trained me in ministry and it is full of wonderful, intelligent people who love God and who want to obey His Word.


There seem to be some things unique to this particular work environment. Please know that I share this with love in my heart. (Don’t fire me, please.)

If you work in a Bible church, maybe you can sympathize…or maybe I’ve just landed at the weirdest Bible church on the planet.

1. It’s not uncommon for your Senior Pastor to speak at length about the page opacity, binding and historical significance of his Bible collection.

2. John Piper gets quoted all the time. NT Wright? Not so much.

3. 40 minute sermons are considered “a little short.”

4. At least one staff member secretly dreams of being Episcopal.

5. Not having Logos software is grounds for immediate dismissal.

6. The “silly church video” is a hard sell.

7. Song lyrics better be tight.

8. The worst insults usually involve cutting words like “dispensationalist” or “pre-millennial.” BURN.

9. Beards. Lot o’ beards.

10. Pastors get giddy at the notion of visiting their seminary.

Okay, Bible church folks…what did I forget?


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