There are lots of musical moments that make an impact on a worship leader. In Watershed posts, I’ll be sharing worship projects that inspired and influenced me. And feel free to post your watershed albums in the comment section below!

Passion_OurLoveIsLoudFor most worship leaders in their 30’s, this is widely held to be a momentous musical collection. And I did like that record. But for me, Passion’s Our Love Is Loud, was a defining moment in my worship leading journey.

For one, it was modern. Passion’s first project was great – a real snapshot of what a good “worship band” could do. But it was pretty tame. Any band in any church could do those songs. (Which is probably why I love that record even more now!) But Our Love Is Loud was the first time Passion guys seemed to do some forward thinking.

By that time, the worship movement was sailing right along and this album and the record very wisely found some modern hits to sprinkle through the project. It was also the first time the producers cracked the code of producing a live album. The crowd sounded fuller and was mixed better. (However, you can still hear when the crowd mics are turned on – the create a weird phasing with the stage mix. Try it with headphones.)

The record was also more stylistically diverse. Tomlin, Crowder and Charlie Hall made for quite a unique tone throughout the project. I used tons of these songs in worship – it was probably the first time I found a record that was a real resource (providing at least 5 songs for congregational worship.)

Do you remember this record?


One comment

  1. Jonathan Benedetti (@Johnnyb269)

    Yes, good album. For me, it’s all about the first two tracks. We still sing those two at TCF. Famous One is pretty good too. I remember being confused by that weird jump. “Come Thou Fount” is solid! The first (that I can remember at least) of many fantastic hymn arrangements from Crowder. The chorus of Psalm 126 is cool, but the verses — not so much. I appreciate that they are straight from Scripture, but harder to sing. (Not that I didn’t try it a couple times anyway!) “God of Wonders” is an amazing song, but it’s just not the same without Marc Byrd on guitar. I remember jamming to “My Glorious.” Fun song to play, even though it is difficult to know what in the world it is about! I really like the intro to “Dance in the River,” since it sounds so much like U2’s “Silver and Gold.” Again, fun jam, but the fact that it has words is purely coincidental and virtually irrelevant.

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