There are lots of musical moments that make an impact on a worship leader. In Watershed posts, I’ll be sharing worship projects that inspired and influenced me. And feel free to post your watershed albums in the comment section below!

0000692658_500First off, let’s take a second and enjoy the ridiculousness of this album cover. I’m not completely sure, but it seems as if this CD cover was silly even when it was new.

This album came to me by way of the Christian radio station where I worked. As I was leading more and more worship, I became obsessed with the morning worship show they aired on Sundays. For six hours every Sunday, I was able to hear worship from different churches and labels. So many Sundays, I called them to find out “Who was that? Where can I get that album?”

What amazed me about this album (and so many Integrity projects during that time) was the abundance of songs. This one in particular had 14 of them, all of which were beautifully written and meticulously crafted. In essence, I was overwhelmed with good material. This record in particular struck me as the perfect balance of upbeat acoustic songs and expansive ballads centered on expert keyboard work.

The other thing that impressed me was the seamlessness of the album. Songs melded perfectly into each other, creating the dynamic of one long worship service. This album opened my mind to the power of well written transitions.

I did a lot of these songs in worship (never as good Rothwell, of course) and for years it was on continuous play for my own personal enjoyment. Truth be told – I still listen to it now and then.

Anybody remember this project (or I’m getting a little too “inside”?)
Any other Integrity projects like this inspire y’all?

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