SFS_CoverI want to thank all of you who picked up the new project in the past week or so. The tweets and texts have been great – thank you so much!

I promise I won’t use the blog to try and sell records (too much) but if you haven’t done so yet, would you mind rating and reviewing the project wherever your picked it up? Most digital music retailers have ways to either rate or leave a brief comment and those things actually do help spread the music even further!

If you feel a little awkward leaving reviews simply because I asked you, let me offer some sample lines that might make it easier:

“I like this record a lot but didn’t want to write a review and then Todd went online begging for comments so here ya go.”

“Todd Wright rails against the recording industry so much. Guessing these reviews will help him sell some copies he’ll feel more important and maybe not complain so much.”

“Todd Wright made a CD.”

“I really like this guy’s wife and kids. Saints, if you ask me.”

“I’ve typed a comment 9 times now and it never shows up when I hit ‘post.’ Now I’m just typing filler words because it’s probably not gonna’ be on the screen anyway. Blah blah blah Todd Wright.”

Those are just a few examples, but feel free to write your own thing. Thanks for listening to my songs, gang!


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