220px-Heidelberger_Katechismus_1563What’s this? Another set with no mid-week rehearsal? You’d think the worship leader doesn’t like rehearsal or something…

Had a concert Thursday night so we didn’t rehearse. Not gonna’ lie, I enjoyed having Thursday night off. Sunday’s set felt pretty good about the set, though. We did a new version of a song we were familiar with, so the set was pretty manageable. I did bump rehearsal up 15 minutes just to make sure, though.

Call To Worship
Took a break from Book of Common Prayer and grabbed Question #56 from the Heidelberg Catechism for our opening response: “God, for the sake of Christ’s satisfaction, will no more remember my sins, neither my corrupt nature, against which I have struggled all my life long; He will graciously impute to me the righteousness of Christ, that I may never be condemned before the tribunal of God!”

We’ve done this Fee tune for a long time. The band is rock solid on it and I love how our guitarists stays so consistent with a droning delay part high up on the neck. Kinda’ boring, I know, but it serves the song. We used to have electric cover the riff in this one but it sounds so much better on piano.

Mentioned that we were bringing back a song and it might be new to some folks. Also talked about the ability of songs to “sum up” such powerful truths in forms we can carry around with us!

This was the first time we’ve done my song in its new studio form. It would good, but think it could have been better with some Thursday rehearsal time. The verses specifically need some fill in from either organ or guitar, but we just didn’t have time to work it out. Also want our keys guy to learn the string part in the bridge. Overall went great, crowd sang along.

Senior pastor jumped up and congratulated those present on making it to church at the correct time on Daylight Saving Day. It was also a rainy morning, so he read some scripture acknowledging God as the one in charge of everything!

Second time to do this one. Don’t think we were as solid as last time, but that’s probably a product of no rehearsal. This song is fast with a lot of nuanced parts. Band did good; drummer managed to play the back, bigger half more simply, which helped. The song is so easy to sing, the congregation seem to join up pretty quick.

Encouraged folks to use our next song as a prayer, even suggesting closing eyes or opening hands as a way of symbolizing our focus and need for God.

I love this version of the hymn. Of course, folks sing great on something this old! Didn’t use banjo, but guitar player did a good job of building a part that was close to the original banjo part. Think I may have go with more ambient texture next time, but it certainly had the energy of the recorded version. Drums and percussion were great on this one – keeping the march driving without taking off.

Thanked God for answering our prayers and meeting us in our need.

Actually cut this song a few weeks ago (much to the band’s chagrin) so wanted to get it back in the set. We’ve always fought the click on this one because it’s so very slow, but Sunday’s version fell in rhythmically. We did a cool electric guitar swell-into-pad to transition from the key of E to B which was very nice. With a little more practice time, we could have polished that up even better. We don’t do this song that often but the band really takes ownership of it. They know it better than they should!


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