There are lots of musical moments that make an impact on a worship leader. In Watershed posts, I’ll be sharing worship projects that inspired and influenced me. And feel free to post your watershed albums in the comment section below!

cd-coverBy the time I got this record, “More To This Life” was working its way up the charts in Christian radio. I was definitely a fan of Steven Curtis Champan by that time, but this record changed everything for me. (This was also the first compact disc I ever owned, so there’s a good bit of nostalgia there…)

This wasn’t a worship record. It was, in fact, a landmark singer/songwriter project in Contemporary Christian Music. This record made a huge impact on lots of folks and, in my opinion, raised the quality of Christian music songwriting at that time. But I digress. It also changed something in me…

Up until that time, I didn’t have a concept of songwriting or the actual creation of music. As a kid, I just knew these songs came on the radio and I liked them. Many of us have that first record that opens our eyes to the power of songwriting and this was my doorway to music.

I sang as a kid, and enjoyed it, but discovering the music of Chapman made me want to do this myself – write my own songs and sing them to anyone who would listen. This record is why I picked up a guitar.

After over 20 years of making music, it’s easy to forget that first moment when the guitar made discernable sound in my hands. The songs on that CD are amazing – their impact is wide-reaching and recognizable in my own life. But for me, this record sparked something in me…that question or desire to take what gifts I had and use them for the King.

Anybody remember this record


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