I’ve got a few new features for the site coming up in the next couple of weeks and wanted to give you a preview! I’ve got a lot of ideas on how we can use Songs Are For Singing to help encourage and train worship leaders. Be on the lookout!

Y’all know I love podcasting. Decided to start doing some brief, no-frills worship tip recordings. These will be very practical and simple. They’ll feature on the main page but will also be archived in the podcast section. First one starts tomorrow! (And if you’ve got ideas for what I could talk about, let me know!)

Working on making simple one page charts for all the songs on the new album and making them available for download. Hopefully have them all done in a week or so!

Excited about offering e-books on worship leading for download. Might be some cost associated with this, but I’m still in the early stages. Never done anything like this before, so I’m learning as I go!

What else should a worship website offer? What do you worship leaders need?


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