Back with another batch of things that drive me crazy. I’m a little less grumpy this week since the new record was released, but it turns out that church world is still just as baffling and weird.

Debate is a good thing. Somewhere in the worship culture we’ve decided that every new album is good, all sermons are theologically sound and there are no bad worship songs.

I don’t submit these little rants for the sake of venting (although it helps.) I do it because some stuff is great and some stuff isn’t. And it should be talked about.

-Easter is next week, which means I need to post my “do-singable-songs” blog for worship leaders who insist on bombarding people with new songs on Easter Sunday!

-Lately I’m feeling the strain of facilitating worship that balances the timeless/theological with the spontaneous/emotional. It’s not easy to do.

-Did you watch a live one-hour worship recording of a Don Moen album from 2000 this week? I did. #worshipkid

-Did a cowrite last week specifically intended to be a choir song. Feels weird. But I think it’s a good song.

-On writing: remembering that I used to write worship songs from a purely personal/prayer viewpoint. It’s so easy to forsake that for more “targeted” songwriting. Want to get back to that place of worshipping as I write.

-There’s a ridiculous movie about contemporary Christian music streaming on Netflix. It’s trying really hard to blow CCM’s cover, but the acting IS. NOT. GOOD.

-Unrelated to worship (but very related to movies)…I go to IMDB way too much.

-Made a decision last week to play as “un-capo’d” as much as possible.


One comment

  1. Kelly Perkins

    Great comments, especially about playing un-capoed. It forces us to use different voicings and tighter inversions.

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