Posted this during Holy Week last year and it connected with a lot of worship leaders. Figured it might not be a bad idea to use the old “re-post” feature! Hope your Holy Week services are great!

Short post today. My encouragement for worship leaders is simple.

But it’s important.

There should be congregational singing on Easter.
Lots of it.

I’m not saying you can’t do videos or dramas or special musical or choir specials or dramatic readings. Do those things…make it a special day.

But I am constantly amazed at how many worship leaders use their four “congregational singing” spots to introduce new music on Easter Sunday. No wonder you come home discouraged – NOBODY KNEW WHAT TO SING!

  • Look at your songlist. Make sure it is the most accessible part of all your offerings that day. Pick songs that are powerful and true, but make sure people can engage with them.
  • If it’s too late and you’ve planned a set with new songs, spend some time thinking through transitions and arrangements. Kill that second verse and repeat the first one so that it’s easier for people to sing along. Plan in a couple of keyboard-only choruses to teach a song before the band jumps in. Move that new song to a “prelude” spot where it’ll still serve a purpose.
  • Care less about “best singing” and more about “loud singing”. Your job is to give these people songs they can celebrate!

Easter’s got enough pressure, gang. Make sure your Resurrection set is right and ready for a crowd full of grateful people.


One comment

  1. Kelly Perkins

    Good stuff! There is a fine line balance between the technical aspects and the feeling aspects of Praise and Worship. It is hard to balance the scales especially during Easter and Christmas…

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