Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMI’ve been listening to a ton of music over the past few weeks and thought I’d share some of the songs that have been blessing my life. I haven’t done these particular arrangements in worship yet, but it’s very likely they’ll show up soon!
If you’re a worship leader, I encourage you to listen to lots of worship stuff for your own spiritual nourishment! Sure, you’ll find some songs for your church, but feeding your heart with passion and truth will do wonders for your disposition the next time you stand up to lead. You gotta’ feed your soul!

Kristian Stanfill’s version of this classic has been wrecking me. Made the mistake of listening to it during a walk one morning and ended up walking around my neighborhood crying and pumping my fists in praise. Sorry, neighbors. Couple of things make this one for me – the piano riff is and the big bridge at the end. I’m not nuts about adding sections to songs that have already had a pretty decent life on their own, but that bold declaration at the end of the song makes me worship my guts out.

Discovered Justin Kintzel’s music through a mutual friend and fell in love with this song. Dig the subtle start to the song; the whole arrangement is brilliant. I also think the verse 1-to-pre chorus is a fresh lyrical take on how Christ has defeated death. Been singing the chorus to myself for days! That’s a good sign!

I like this song but have never heard an arrangement that struck me. It always seemed weird rhythmically regardless of tempo. I found Kelly Minter’s version in a search for this song specifically. I want to do it at church, but haven’t yet. Instead, it’s been on repeat in my worship playlist.

Feel bad that I missed Jared Anderson’s record in 2012, especially since I’ve found this song. Love hearing a very simple scripture song in such a polished pop performance. My first thought upon hearing it was, “Ooooh, my church would love this.” Then I realized that I needed to be reminded of this stuff first and foremost. Great song of promise and peace.

What songs have been encouraging you?



  1. Kelly Perkins

    Speaking of Jared Anderson, I just got his last one, The Narrow Road, this past Friday…what a great album!!

  2. Bob Whitton

    Death of death by Charlie hall is kicking my butt. Such strong lyrics. It took a while to grow on me but has. Also Jesus, Only Jesus by matt redman has been stuck in my noggin.

  3. Lynn

    How Deep the Father’s Love is an awesome song – we used to do it as a ladies chorus (acapella) and it’s very moving….

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