real-worship-playground-battleground-or-holy-groundJust read Warren Wiersbe’s Real Worship and loved every second of it. I’ll add a brief recap to the “reads” section of the site in the next few days, but I found it to be one of the most balanced books on worship I’ve ever read. As a guy who works to lead doctrinally solid worship, Wiersbe’s take on the value of maintaing emotion and honesty and creativity was so refreshing.

The book is more philosophical than practical, but I was convicted and inspired in extremely practical ways with regard to where and how I lead worship.

One of my favorite sections was the take on “worship-through-music” (naturally.) I expected it to be a predictable chapter but some of the lines hit me as fresh, honest, perfect analysis of our role as worship leaders. The music section is much too vast to capture here, but quite a few of the quotes caught my eye and I had to share them.

“Believers want architectural beauty in their homes but not in the church building. They want wedding ceremonies to be beautiful, complete with lighted candles and classical music; but the morning worship service can be planned at the last minute—and don’t you dare use candles!”

“The Christian artist must be an interpreter who helps us see and understand experience. He is not manufacturing mirrors that merely reflect what we already see; he is giving us windows through which we can see what we have never seen.”

“Why is it, then, that music creates so much conflict among the people of God? For one thing, music confronts the whole person— mind, heart, and will—and demands some kind of response.”

“Naive congregations can sing their way into heresy before they even realize what is going on.”

“Personally, I have a difficult time believing that a singer is filled with the Spirit if his or her song is not filled with the Word.”

“Satan’s religion is the religion of substitutes.”

Those are just a few that hit me hard. You love/hate any of these?


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