903626_238585039612741_1924904827_oIf you led worship yesterday, you’re probably exhausted today. Good! That means you served the Risen King and the people in your church with everything you had! Enjoy that tiredness…it was given in honor of Jesus! I’d love to hear what you did at your church. Hit the comment section below and share your service from yesterday. And if you fall into that “exhausted worship leader” category, just know your pal, Todd, is pulling for ya!

Our Easter Sunday was great. At Bethel, we added an 8am service which made for a very long day! But it was worth it. Don’t know that I recap how each element went in each of the three services, but still wanted to share the service recap.

I was excited to do this one. This is a regular jam for us, so it was fun to open with something that fit the day and that we knew how to play. Except for this…in services #1 and #2, I could not get the phrasing of a line in verse 3. Same spot, both services. You better believe I grabbed a guitar before service #3 and made sure I had it! Guess Todd should have practiced it a little more than everybody else. This song is a bold, confident and passionate and I love how much energy Enfield has infused with this arrangements. We did it pretty close to the mp3 (except for the lead vocal guy messing up his lines!) If you need to add a good hymn to your catalog, this is it!

CHRIST THE LORD (Paul Baloche)
I was so proud of our drummer on this song. I had asked to him to work on a transition to get us immediately into this song and he did it. He worked out the click track so that he could immediately roll from song #1 into this one. Every single service, this song worked; the energy is great. Band did a good job, although both weeks my musicians have had a hard time just holding that one chord for the whole first line. (I think the melody lift makes players think a chord needs to move, too.) I think the chorus is immediately singable and the rock drive of the song is so confident!

Our original plan was for Senior Pastor to read Luke 24:1-12 over a long intro to song #1. But when we only had one person in the room at the start of first service, pastor said “let’s do it in the welcome.” It was a good call. By the time song #2 was done, we had a solid crowd. Ross did great. He explained the “He is Risen; He is Risen Indeed!” and then read the scripture.

YOU HAVE SAVED US (Paul Baloche)
We worked a bit on the intro Thursday night. Since we played this as folks greeted one another, we let our piano player start it in a simpler groove. Thursday night we added acoustic guitar to make the switch to the much more bouncy attack of the song. Bass and drums were really great here. There’s a delay electric riff and if rhythm section is off just a little, the song gets wobby. Congregational singing was so good on this one.

Since I knew the last song was so centered on Christ’s victory over death, I wanted to have something that still reminded people of why Jesus had to die. Prayed into an acoustic intro of the next song.

DEBT IS PAID (Todd Wright)
Our church likes this song and it was a good fit thematically for what we were trying to say. It took me a second to remember that in a live setting, this song really fits in this energetic “mellow” groove. It’s not all that rocking – but the drive of it moves the song and still leaves room for the melody. Folks sang this out. In a couple of the services, I stretched the bridge or extended the ending a bit. This song was written for Bethel, so it always feels good to sing it!

Video (Freedom For Us)
I found this video through WorshipHouse Media and thought it would make a good transition into our last song. But it was a bit harder than I thought. My plan was to fly the video into some editing software and modulate the backing track to the key of E so that our last song could start as soon as it ended. When I grabbed a guitar to find the original key, it turned out that the music was somewhere between F and F#. Not sure if that was timing issue or if the tracks had been recorded to relative tuning. I eventually dropped the video into Final Cut and used the speed modulation (instead of digital transposing) to get the music bed to the key of E. It actually wasn’t perfect E, but it was close enough!

IN CHRIST ALONE (Kristian Stanfill/Passion)
I mentioned this in my last Todd Recommends post and I couldn’t wait to do this one on Easter Sunday. I love the piano hook and think the bridge is beautiful. The band did a great job on this one. It’s hard to duplicate a song without 20,000 screaming college students but the band did an awesome job of infusing this song with as much energy as possible. Since we had just sat down for the video, I didn’t ask people to stand back up. In the first service, I did have them stand for the last verse but in the middle and late service the crowd got to their feet right quick!

How was church where you are? What did y’all do?



  1. johnnydrummer

    As a prelude, we did the new Kyrie Eleison I wrote both for our Liturgy and as a chorus for a worship song.

    “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (1940 Hymnal)
    “At the Lamb’s High Feast, We Sing”(1940 Hymnal)
    “Easter Song” (Keith Green) Frank Hart’s version
    “Deck Thyself, My Soul, with Gladness” (1940 Hymnal)
    “I Am the Resurrection” (JMT)
    “I Am the Bread of Life” (Susan Toolan)
    “In Christ Alone”
    “Holy is His Name” (Another JMT)
    “Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain” (1940 Hymnal)

    Musicians were great. I was happy I got the high note on Easter Song..

  2. Jeff Q

    We had a packed house Sunday morning. It’s expected on Easter, but exciting nonetheless.

    Our order:
    I’ll Fly Away (tough to beat the classics!)
    Today is the Day
    Offertory-Christ Arose
    Above All (Baloche)
    Amazing Grace/Chains are Gone
    Jesus Paid it All-Started with only piano and brought the other instruments in as the song went. Instead of building to a huge instrumentation, we finished a capella. Even though we all have access to these instruments, sometimes voices can be the most stirring.

  3. Jonathan Benedetti

    Like a Lion
    Congregational reading: Psalm 24
    Let God Arise (Tomlin)
    Mighty to Save
    Revelation Song
    In Christ Alone

    I actually had a different person sing lead on each of the songs, which added a lot, I think.

    For “special music” we did “Hallelujah! What a Savior!” The arrangement was very similar to Austin Stone’s, but we mixed in Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as a bridge (got the idea from a version of the song by Ascend the Hill)

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