Screen+shot+2013-03-29+at+1.32.42+PMAh, the walk to your car after a full day of leading worship. Is there anything more unique to the worship ministry experience? I’ve been there, friends. And sometimes that walk is a tough one.

Don’t try to deny it, either. Just sit there and find solace in the fact that your old pal, Todd, knows what you’ve been through. Todd knows. Todd knows.

If your last set was a rough one, here are some things that might have bounced around that weird brain of yours.

– What was I thinking? Why do I try stuff like that? This team can’t pull off songs like that! I’ve just got to remember that sometimes my awesome ideas are too visionary for this band. Being a genius is hard.

I just am not good at this. I’m awful at this job. Maybe I should sell insurance.

– Why won’t this church buy a new sound system? We would be so much better if our gear wasn’t from a garage sale!

– If I go home and sleep for four hours straight, I’ll feel better.

– Maybe my wife liked it. Surely, my wife liked it.

– I should have taken voice lessons.

– We need to practice more. Next week, at least 4.5 hours of rehearsal.

If you had a bad set, relax. God loves you and manages to teach us through every single thing we go through. What silly things go through your head when worship leading doesn’t go like you expected?



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