Back with another batch of things that drive me crazy. I’m a little less grumpy this week since the new record was released, but it turns out that church world is still just as baffling and weird.

Debate is a good thing. Somewhere in the worship culture we’ve decided that every new album is good, all sermons are theologically sound and there are no bad worship songs.

I don’t submit these little rants for the sake of venting (although it helps.) I do it because some stuff is great and some stuff isn’t. And it should be talked about.

– Had to bail on the blues gig. Hated to do it, but it just wasn’t gonna’ work out. I will be a blues singer someday!

– I’m on holiday this weekend. Not leading worship feels weird but I’m looking forward to resting!

– Went to an Airrosti rehab clinic this week for a heel injury back in November. The doctor put me through some serious treatments but I had immediate improvement in my pain. Excited to start walking and running like a human being again.

– Still wish there were good worship podcasts out there. I’m serious. Name one good worship podcast in the comments below.

– One of the most commented on posts I’ve ever written was about how silly worship leaders dress. I still chuckle to myself when I think of all those adult men who got upset about clothing. Let’s be guys, guys.


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