day-off-with-payA few weeks ago, senior pastor told me to take some Sundays off over the next few months. After whining that I “didn’t want to do that,” he politely said, Well, you’re gonna’ and so I respectfully submitted.

There’s no Monday morning recap. However, I do have a few quick suggestions on how to make the most of Sunday’s off when they come around. In all fairness, I have to tell you I’ve learned every single one of these the hard way.

I don’t know what’s wrong with us worship leaders that makes it so hard to truly rest, but maybe this little list will help. Thanks for reading, gang. And don’t forget to share with your worship leader pals!

Don’t text your fill-in or the sound guy. If they need something from you, they’ll find you. And for what it’s worth, they’re not gonna’ tell you anything specific. They’ll either say it’s going good or really busy. On the off chance that they have questions for you when you check in, just know that the second you start helping them remotely, you’re no longer taking the day off.

This is the flip side of the same coin. Just because one of your team calls or texts on Sunday, that doesn’t mean you have to answer. Remember that most Sunday morning catastrophes are solvable. Give your team the chance to fix it on their own. One of my rules is that I’ll only calls or texts if they come from pastoral staff. That way, I know it’s something real enough that it’s worked its way up the chain.

I know it’s hard to turn your brain off so try to fill your day with some restful things – a project you’ve been looking forward to, watching a movie, doing something with your family. Just sitting on the couch wondering how it’s going isn’t good for your head because you’ll find yourself working on next week’s set before you know it.

When’s the last time you took a Sunday off? What do you do when you’re on a break?



    • toddwright

      Good point! At a church like mine, we don’t have a ton of folks who can fill in for me when I’m gone. That usually means bringing somebody in from outside to lead. Me being there creates a weird tension. Odd place for me because the only church I wanna’ go to is MINE.

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