faculty-members-have-tried-to-bust-lohses-frat-for-hazing-before-but-the-brothers-closed-ranksWe all love those getaways when we can head off to conferences specifically designed for our ministries. It’s fun to spend time with like minded folks and to learn from experts.

But there’s a disturbing trend among male worship leaders when we go off on these trips…

We focus on the wrong thing.

Our pictures and tweets and videos have this decidedly “love fest” vibe that doesn’t do a very good job of communicating what we’re learning and experiencing.

Here are my recommendation of three ways to NOT share your conference experience.

I know you want everybody to see how diverse and manly you all are by the different import beers on the table, but you destroy that next morning when you Instagram some weird coffee with a design in the foam and find some way to put YUM into the caption. I mean, come on. Is there anything more ridiculous than seeing a grown man take out his phone and take a picture of his food?

Some dude doesn’t get to go to his favorite conference with his buddies so he spends all week stalking the conference online and moaning how he wishes he could be with his “band of brothers” doing “life together.” UGH. I don’t think whining is very manly. Or Godly.

I can’t think of a single live-tweet of a Christian event I’ve ever enjoyed. Just go and be blessed and learn stuff and use the time to seek God’s wisdom for your ministry. Don’t saturate us with it. You go. You be there. Because if it’s really that great of a conference, we’ll be able to tell you’ve been impacted once you get home.

Do you go to ministry conferences? Ever tempted to do any of the aforementioned silliness?


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