thumbnailRoss King is my friend. Over the past ten years, I’ve come to count on Ross as a constant source of encouragement, wisdom and laughter.

This isn’t an unbiased post. This is me bragging on my friend in the hope that more folks will be hip to what he’s doing.

It doesn’t hurt, though, that he’s one of my favorite songwriters in the world and a guy who’s maintained a consistent musical output of both quality and honesty. That’s why you need to watch the video below.

Ross is about to complete his brand new worship album and I wanted you to know about it. So we sat down to a Google Hangout and recorded ourselves. Unfortunately, web cams don’t do justice to our dashing good looks, but I guarantee you’ll find this conversation interesting. (And maybe even fun.)

It’s a long one, so I’ve broken it into two parts. The second half will air next Wednesday here on the site, but if you want to watch the whole thing all at once, just click here.

To stay updated on the album release, hit or follow Ross @rosskingmusic.

And if you’ve got questions for Ross, submit them as a comment and I’ll forward them his way!

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