Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 12.31.52 AMNot sure if this qualifies as a “nostalgia” post or more of an “old worship leaders come clean” sort of deal, but I know some of you will have an answer.

Remember those songs that captured you as a young worship leader? You heard it, loved it and led it as soon as humanly possible.

Now, you’re older and maybe a little wiser – and perhaps those awesome songs don’t quite hold the same allure.

What’s the worst song you ever led?

I’m not talking songwriting or theology here. I’m talking about bombing. Name one song below that just fell flat when you led. (Probably to your disappointment.)

And heck, because it’s the internet, why not also give us a little backstory?



  1. Luke Bilberry

    I was leading worship last minute at a church and I think it was blessed be your name or a song like that that a lot of people know. For some reason i could not get the verse melody in my head that morning. We rehearsed thought I had it but during the service lost the melody and just kept playing the chords and ended up having to stop the song and just apologize to the congregation and segued somehow by saying I’m not perfect but my hope is that you rest in God who is greater than all things. Then moved on to the next song. extremely embarrassing.

  2. toddwright

    This one is very song specific, but I was CONVINCED Michael Neale’s “The Rock” was going to be a big super hit in our church. The whole rehearsal, it just wasn’t coming together, but I was stubborn…should have bailed on it before we got to Sunday because it did not work.

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