Back with another batch of things that drive me crazy. I’m a little less grumpy this week since the new record was released, but it turns out that church world is still just as baffling and weird.

Debate is a good thing. Somewhere in the worship culture we’ve decided that every new album is good, all sermons are theologically sound and there are no bad worship songs.

I don’t submit these little rants for the sake of venting (although it helps.) I do it because some stuff is great and some stuff isn’t. And it should be talked about.

– Heard a song last week built on the phrase, “We wait for you / We wait for you / We wait for you to walk in the room.” This is not a good song. Already have a post written on it for next week!

– Was grateful folks liked the Dear Pastor post from earlier this week, but surprised I didn’t catch one or two stray haters off it.

– The long awaited trailer for the new Rich Mullins biopic, “Ragamuffin,” dropped this week. There’s a lot going on in this trailer. Check it here. It looks great.

– Finally got our live board mix recording feature up and running at Bethel. Band sounds pretty good. The singer…YIKES.

– Took the plunge and let my wife plan out my diet for this week. It’s been hard, but I’ve taken a few pounds off. Every little bit helps!

– Finally finished a song that had been bugging me for months! It’s very simple, but I like how it turned out. Would like to teach at Bethel very soon!


  1. Toby Baxley

    I found the trailer for the Rich Mullins movie to be very moving. I hope they didn’t give away everything in the trailer.

    ” We wait for you.” YIKES! God initiates worship and invites us, and yet we feel compelled to invite Him as if it were our idea.

    • toddwright

      Yeah, I’m excited about the Mullins movie. Couple of things really interest me about the trailer. Think it much more gritty and honest than folks initially thought.

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