CB064066Kristen and I celebrated my 15th anniversary last week so we were out of town, which meant NO REHEARSAL.

I was a little apprehensive, considering we’re still rotating acoustic guitar players in and the guy for this week would be showing up with no mid-week run through. However, the acoustic guy show up prepared and surpassed my expectations!

We learned this Baloche tune back at Easter and have done it consistently since then. It’s a good tune for my team because of the dynamic changes – big cut time intros and outros, straight ahead rock groove and a big open bridge. The band did great. I had the keyboard player carry the riff so our electric player could provide some power. Keys went great, although I would have liked him a bit hotter in my monitors.

Originally, this was gonna’ be another reading from The Heidelberg Catechism, but Senior Pastor needed more time for his welcome after second song. Instead, I welcomed folks and prayed. As soon as I was done, acoustic player and percussionist started next song.

FAIREST (link)
We do this song all the time! It’s such a good one for the church to sing! Acoustic player did a great job on the syncopated intro progression and our percussionist nailed the “loop.” Overall, the song didn’t have quite as much energy as it usually does. Don’t know where that loss happened…everybody was steady on their parts but our synth/B3 guy was out so that usually robs of us of some overdrive.

Senior Pastor was up and did a reading from Hebrews. It was a great encouragement that we can “hear” from God. He prayed and asked folks to greet one another.

Second time to do this song. It was weird, because this week’s version was much more clean and precise. Our drummer simplified from last week and our electric player had the parts down cold. However, it didn’t seem to go over quite as well as last week. Definitely want to keep doing the song, but found it interesting that a version that was technically better fared worse than a rougher one.

I seated folks and turned it over to our Executive Pastor for Communion. Originally, I had wanted one of our elders to lead Communion, but we couldn’t lock anybody in with enough prep time. Our “XP” did a great job, though, contrasting the feeding of the 5,000 with the last supper.

This song went okay, but wasn’t our best version. I should have made it more clear who was driving the song because there was a bit of confusion when we pulled back for the taking of the communion elements. Stretching songs is pretty hard when the worship leader doesn’t have an instrument – usually, I’d play as much or as little needed to make the supper flow. This go ’round was a bit clunky, but still played with quality.


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