thumbnailRoss King’s new worship project, “This Hope Will Guide Me” is nearing completion and it’s time to help him finish it up. I’ve been privileged to hear about half the songs on this new record and I have to say…they’re pretty astounding.

Head over to the site and make a donation. You’ll be glad you did.

As a guy who’s done Kickstarter, I know how important it is to get a jump on crowd-sourcing projects like this one. Ross launched the fund-raising on Tuesday and he’s having great success, but that doesn’t mean you should join the cause.

For those of you on the fence about donating, I’d like to submit 5 Reasons To Donate To Ross King.

1. WE NEED GOOD RECORDS. Every time I post something about the terrible state of worship albums, a bunch of you will comment “Right on” or “You tell ’em, Todd!” Well, here’s your chance to do something to change that. I’m not exaggerating; I think this new record could very well change the game for worship leaders and writers who want to create and share their music. Be a part of that, y’all.

2. STICK IT TO THE SYSTEM. Ross is a Texas guy who’s dedicated his life to serving the local church. He hasn’t gone out in pursuit of fame and fortune. He hasn’t tried to become a CCM star. Helping this record get made is a statement – that songs born within the local church need to be shared and distributed with all the resources and expertise available.

3. THE SONGS SAY GOOD THINGS. In this regard, the record is par for the course when it comes to Ross’ truth-speaking. These songs say things that Christ followers need to hear. These songs will remind of you of old truths and simultaneously surprise you with their creativity.

4. HE HAS FOUR CHILDREN. I really can’t make this tie-in very well, but kids are always a great advertising technique.

5. MAKING A RECORD IS STRESSFUL. In addition to the pressure of creating all this music, there’s a whole host of other things that can distract and confuse. Donating to the new album allows Ross the freedom to focus on other aspects of the album’s release, which only helps in its success!

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