Back with another batch of things that drive me crazy. 

Debate is a good thing. Somewhere in the worship culture we’ve decided that every new album is good, all sermons are theologically sound and there are no bad worship songs.

I don’t submit these little rants for the sake of venting (although it helps.) I do it because some stuff is great and some stuff isn’t. And it should be talked about.

– Had serious writer’s block this week on the blog. Haven’t had that in months. Managed to post enough and I feel good about the content, but it was a struggle!

– Saw a link for a “great new worship record” only to listen to discover a dude in his mid-40s singing over highly digitized synth-pop. Pass.

– My son moved into church youth group this past week. Of course, I’m not feeling old, why in the world would you ask such a thing?

– Forget that high-strung stuff. Tuned my acoustic down a whole step and can’t get enough. Low acoustics are the best.

– Wife agreed to co-host a new podcast with me. Since we’ve been married fifteen years, we’re gonna’ call it 15+.

– Excited to announce the Small Church Worship Conference next week. I hope folks can make it!

– I doubt anybody from Integrity reads this blog, but I just wanna’ put this out there: if they brought back the old album cover design, I’d buy everything they put out. #oldworshipleader

– My boy Ross King launched hisKickstarter this week. Go donate something!



  1. johnnydrummer

    “Integrity” is the name of a LGBTQ LS/MFT activist orginization in the Episcopal Church. I don’t want to think about their album covers.

    • toddwright

      I don’t know, JB. I think we might have all loved Kent Henry because we didn’t know any better.

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