If you don’t take a Sunday afternoon nap, just skip this post.nap_main

Also, what’s wrong with you? You some kinda’ freak or something?

However, if you’re a worship leader who regularly recharges a bit in the afternoon hours, please accept this list of ways to make your Sunday afternoon better.

1. Shower. You may think I’m crazy, but go ahead and grab a shower before laying down. It’ll relax your muscles a bit and will go ahead and start the decompressing process. Plus, if you sweat when you play music, you’ll just feel better.

2. Have reasonable expectations. Based on how your day went, you very well may want to sleep for five hour straight. This is not a good idea. You’re just grabbing some rest, not going down for the night. Set an alarm and do your best to get up when it’s time.

3. Have a slow re-entry. If you’ve got nine other things to do Sunday evening, don’t do the big sleep session. You’ll be grouchy and groggy if you have to jump out of bed and run to your next thing. When you get up, give yourself time to come back to life and it’ll help you avoid unnecessary stress.

4. Go for quiet. I honestly do believe an afternoon rest (big or small) is beneficial for worship leaders. However, Sunday afternoons aren’t always quiet due to your children or your next door neighbor mowing his lawn. You spend all Sunday talking, hearing music, checking sound signals, etc. Buy some sound muffling earphones or maybe drift off to light music playing.

Find a way to get a little rest. You – and the people who love you – will be glad you did.


Any other worship-leader-nap tips out there? Share them in the comments and I’ll be sure and try them next Sunday afternoon!



  1. lizreeves

    I’m not a worship leader, so I don’t know if I qualify to comment here, but……..
    Larry & I religiously participate in the 11th commandment (Thou shalt nap on Sunday.) and have learned the hard way that we must place a note on the front door or we will be disturbed by a doorbell or a knock about 4.3 seconds after we doze off. We wrote a note & stuck it on the door so many times that we actually now keep the note taped to the lightswitch next to the front door & we re-use it every Sunday!! It says “Our family is enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon nap. Please do not knock, ring the doorbell or disturb.” 🙂 Works like a charm!

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