Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMI finally got the chance to lead Jared Anderson’s amazing song, According To His Word, recently at church. I had been listening to it for about a month and finally found some time in a set to make it work. Even though we’ve only done it once so far, it went great and I think it’s worth sharing.

If you haven’t heard it, go give it a listen. We don’t have many songs like this and I hope lots of churches will give it a try.

Here’s why I like it:

It’s easy for songs about God’s faithfulness and power to slip into a prosperity pep rally. “Promise songs” can often be unintentional theological minefields. This song works because it’s scriptural and there’s no false promising here. It manages to affirm God’s provision and power without turning into some sort of demand we make of God.

jared-anderson-the-narrow-road-300x300Jared Anderson is one of the best when it comes to infusing simple songs with brilliant nuance. Songs like this are good for a praise team because they can be easily implemented. Even if the more subtle elements aren’t achieved, the song is just as powerful. (It doesn’t live or die based on the hooks, in other words.) But if your team can grab those special little touches, the song is pretty unforgettable. Specifically, the opening slightly dissonant piano intro, the Bm7 option in the chorus and the three note punch in the bridge are awesome places where your band can soar!

Seems like we talk a whole lot about our drummers keeping things simple. This song is a great one to pass to your rhythmic section. The groove is simple pop but it’s placed a punch tempo – plays a bit faster than you might expect.

Your players will dig the challenge of keeping up with the song’s quick clip but will have room to find some pockets to rest in. I think we all agree drums are pretty important – and this song definitely is made stronger by the precision playing.

You probably don’t let your piano players do too many odd, wandering meter orchestral intros. It’s not a concert, after all! However, the opening piano part of this song is a beautiful transition into the band arrangement. If you’ve got skilled pianist, let ’em shine a bit on this one. They’ll dig it.

I’d love to know what you think about the song. Comment below!



  1. Kelly Perkins

    That whole album, The Narrow Road, is great…we have been doing The Great I Am and really getting great responses from the congregation…

    • toddwright

      There are a lot of songs on that record that I want to do. I dig the retro feel of “Call Upon The Name Of The Lord,” too.

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