A290vbSCQAA7TsSFor today’s post, I want to share the three praise team modes. While I’m sure there are variations and even blended versions, I think these groups best represent the worship team of the American church.

I don’t submit any one of these modes as ideal or prescriptive for all churches. That’s what makes the Father’s church beautiful – diversity! Knowing what kind of team you lead will help you understand how your players and singersĀ see you. Understanding your role as their leader will only help you do it better!

Pretty easy to guess this one, huh? These are the teams made up of paid musicians. The upside of a hired gun band is proficiency and efficiency. Churches with musicians on staff typically provide top-notch musicianship and consistency week-to-week. The downside is possible disconnection with the church – very often, the musician don’t have much of a relationship with their place of service outside of showing up and playing. Hired guns see the worship leader as BOSS.

Other teams acts as a “life group” – a small circle of folks dedicated to keeping each other spiritually accountable and growing in faith together. This praise team is a tight-knit unit of people, most likely spending time with each other outside the service and almost always led by the worship pastor. Upside is common goals and language about the direction of the church. The downside is the potential effect of group discord on weekly worship team. Life groups see the worship leader as PASTOR/COUNSELOR.

The final mode is accomplished by staffing your team with spiritually mature players who are active (and leading) within the church. There’s not as much pastoral care in these settings as the team probably is leading/pastoring in their own spheres among the church. The upside is less interpersonal drama and good perspective on how worship benefits and grows the congregation. Downside is too many cooks in the kitchen. Led by leader teams see the worship leader as MENTOR.

Do you know what kind of team you lead? Are you all somewhere in between? Have you morphed from one group into the next?

If you’re brave enough, share in the comments what “type” of team you lead!


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