Hey, famous worship artists:

A whole lot of church bands can’t pull off your songs.

This should bother you.


    • toddwright

      Maybe, but I don’t think its about proficiency. It’s about over-production and building songs on extremely specific hooks and effects that can’t be duplicated w/ the gear in most churches.

      Then church bands (even skilled ones like mine) sit around and wonder why the songs aren’t good in a live setting.

      • Johnny Simmons

        Sure, if you’re talking about not being able to pull off a song because of a lack of gear, sure. But a good song can survive being stripped down. Everything at HT is done with acoustic, piano and percussion. I was reading it more as a lot of bands can’t PLAY those songs, which would make me really depressed.

  1. Toby Baxley

    I’m trying to petition a certain music publisher to allow me to produce simplified recordings of many of the popular worship tunes our there for just this reason.

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