Back with another batch of things that drive me crazy. 

Debate is a good thing. Somewhere in the worship culture we’ve decided that every new album is good, all sermons are theologically sound and there are no bad worship songs.

I don’t submit these little rants for the sake of venting (although it helps.) I do it because some stuff is great and some stuff isn’t. And it should be talked about.

– Heard some of the darkest, most captivating songwriting in a long time. Jason Isbell (formerly of Drive-By Truckers) writes about addiction, loneliness and darkness unlike anybody I’ve ever heard. Not the most uplifting stuff, but I can’t get away from what a powerful songwriter this guy is.

– I’m out this Sunday, so we have somebody else filling in during the song service. I hate missing church, but I love no rehearsal!

– I find that I’m getting more picky about the music I listen to. Folks keep recommending new and upcoming artists and I usually hate it. Looks like somebody’s getting old, huh?

– Did a lot of work from home this week, so I wasn’t in the office much. Also found that I didn’t feel as “ranty” as normal. Coincidence?

– Man, can we pull back a bit on the gang vocals in modern music? (Looking at you, Mars Hill Music.)

– Feel really good about a couple co-writes I got going lately. Love writing with other folks because it takes the songs to new levels!



    • toddwright

      Been thinking about that the past few days…I think that’s probably the best part about them. But they’re not a necessity. Feels like a bit of a production cliche these days. In country or pop music, I’m guessing it duplicates a “live” feeling?

  1. johnnydrummer

    I haven’t heard the music in question, but I double track all the parts on just my demos! If I were recording a “real” record of the stuff we write for Church I’d do that at least, because that’s how it’s supposed to sound in the service. Maybe they’re thinking being part of the crowd even at home or the car will get people to sing more. I know Driscoll admonishes the MH congregation for not singing enough.

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