For some of you, it’s been a long time since you first stepped up and lead worship in a church. Some of you remember it well. Even thought it was a long, long time ago. There are still a few moments I remember from when I started.

openmic10. It’s over already?

9. The sound guys just talk to each other during the music set?

8. This sounded way better in my living room.

7. The pastor isn’t singing. He must hate this.

6. We don’t sound like the CD at all.

5. It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. The last song will get ’em!

4. What was it I was gonna’ say before song #3? It sounded so brilliant in the car.

3. Is anybody checking me out? (for single folks…)

2. This church is so dead. They just don’t get me.

1. I’m never doing this again.

Can you remember some of the things that surprised you when started out?
Comment below!


      • Bob Whitton

        Ha! I think they felt bad for me. If you can imagine…”Jesus, lover of my soul….” Cracking on the “Jesus..” I mean, really it’s harder to fire a volunteer than to let them continue sometimes. Plus at the time it was high school students. They could relate I’m sure…first song, first words…

  1. Ben (@DoktorFunken)

    I remember that my first time, I forgot my capo at home, and it was just me and my guitar. And that was fine. What wasn’t fine is that I could not get the melody for the un-capo’d key in my head. I had it down in B-flat. In G, not so much.

    But yeah I thought lots of these. I still think #9 and 8 a lot. Instead of #2 I assume that the church is dead because I’m doing a bad job. So self conscious. lol

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