Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMI don’t have a set of songs to recommend this go around. (Truth be told, I’ve been disappointed in a lot of music lately. Not much sounds good these days.)

But I do have a few things to suggest for overall general enjoyment – song, podcast, blog and video – and they’re all awesome. And I’ve said this before, but I encourage you to use this recurring post to share stuff you’re digging. One of my favorite things is when you guys share stuff in the comment section. Come on…share some good stuff with me!

I’m stupid late on this song. I’ve heard it talked about for a year or more, but never gave it a listen. I foolishly assumed it was some dumb CCM thing that probably exalted self and made much of feelings. I was wrong about that. Not only is it a beautiful song about resting in the work of Jesus, it’s also a killer melody and arrangement. I also love the payoff chorus at the end that adds a “fifth gear” while still staying sonically consistent instead of piling on overdubs. Bethel will be singing this one soon!

Believe it or not, there aren’t that many good podcasts on songwriting. This podcasts features interviews with esteemed (and famous) songwriters from a host of genres and times. The hosts do a great job of both knowing their guests as well as asking questions that are natural and common among songwriters. Even if you’re not a songwriter, you’ll love hearing how some of those timeless tunes came to be.

I’ll confess my bias. Thad is the senior pastor and co-minister with a good friend of mine. I knew Thad was a blogger, but I had no idea what an amazing writer he is. In the past few weeks, he’s written two of the most poignant, Gospel-infused, honest things I’ve ever read. In fact, this post last August hit me in ways I didn’t think a website could. I can’t wait for the world to hear what Thad has to say. Stop by his blog and tell him he should write a book. (It’s a thing we’re all doing – you know…guilting him into writing books.)

Feels a little strange recommending this since I’ve been watching it and listening to it since January. I’ve discovered that Lucius often tours as seen on the video – minimalistic soul music with precision vocals – which makes me all the more happy. (Man, that unplugged, stripped down stuff really does sound better, doesn’t it?) Don’t let the overpowering level of hipster wardrobe fool you. These folks are pros.

There ya’ go. All four of things make me so happy and inspired and I think you’ll dig ’em. Now…

What do you recommend?



  1. toddwright

    Thad is a fresh new voice among pastoral ministry. I think he’s doing a great job of being both brave and faithful.

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