This thing has become less about rants and more about me just throwing every stray thought on the blog.

I’ll try my best to say controversial things, but often, I’ve just got a lot of dumb stuff to say.

The comment section of this particular series is one of my favorites – it’s fun to see what kind of stuff frustrates and amuses worship leaders!

– Finished up a hard, hard week of pastoral stuff. Wasn’t fun, but I’m grateful for God’s provision and for fellow pastors who gave great advice.

– Started a little hashtag last week called #churchfacts. I had a blast reading those. Church life can be pretty silly, you know.

– I hope you’ll plan on picking up the new Ross King worship project this summer. I’ve heard some of the songs it’s really really good. You’re gonna’ wanna’ sing these at your church.

– Not too long ago, I did a video series for our acoustic guitar players on how to play in a band setting. Now working through a similar focused on training new worship leaders. By the way…much harder than teaching guitar technique.

– Remember I mentioned the depression thing last week? Just realized that I’ve been too busy to be depressed. Found the cure! (I’m takin’ a nap.)

– The best part of Star Wars action figures was the weapons. Worst part? Their weird hands that made the guns sit at a 43 degree angle.



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