old_radioI’ve been griping about how music isn’t inspiring me lately. Then I looked at playlists and realized that quite a few things have caught my ear (and that I shouldn’t be so negative.)

After a quick scan, here are some of the artists gettins lots of spins. (And by the way, it’s vinyl really all its cracked up to be? Asking for a friend.) Don’t forget to add a suggestion or two toward the end.

  1. Chris Knight – rough, scratchy, out-of-tune, off-the-grid country.
  2. Jason Isbell – some of the darkest, most profound and proficient songwriting I’ve ever heard. Falls somewhere between country and folk.
  3. Citizen Way – clever, catchy CCM acoustic pop with strong Gospel-centered themes.
  4. Hillsong Chapel – on a stripped-down music kick lately. I like hearing how big songs can be played small and still have the same impact on people.
  5. Doomtree – these guys are making me like hip-hop. Probably because their stuff is poetic and unconcerned with adhering to cultural expectations on what hip-hop should be. Some language in the tunes, so be careful. (It is hip-hop, after all.)
  6. Maps & Atlases – skimming just a few tunes from their latest record, but what I like, I like. Dudes voice is like something from Sesame Street and the guitar work is killer.
  7. Marc Scibilia – this guy is like a Jason Mraz with likeable songs. (Kidding.) Love the laid back approach that somehow still grooves.
  8. Jimmy Eat World – newest record has such great electric guitar voicings. These guys make rock songs without riffs and I love it.
  9. The Goo Goo Dolls – yes, they have a new record and it’s good. There’s some modernized aspects here (programming, mostly) but they’re still writing great songs. Although, why they let the bass player take a lead vocal on every record is beyond me.
  10. Ben Hill – worship guy who’s doing acoustic guitar driven worship stuff with new-wave flavors. Weird and wonderful.
  11. Buddy Whittington – triple threat bluesman from Texas who’s electric guitar work and songwriter are only outmatched by his soulful singing voice. Got to see him live and now I’m hooked!

What else should be on my list(ening)?



  1. Kelly Perkins

    Check out these great guitarists…Carl Verheyen, Jeff McErlain, and Frank Vignola…all different in their styles; all fantastic!!

    • Kelly Perkins

      I take on-line lessons from all three…Carl is very modern, Frank is Traditional Jazz, and Jeff is Blues Rock…

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