1001874_10152993021490483_1411457653_n (1)Ever fall in love with a record that nobody knew about? Ever find a collection of songs that actually changed something about your life only to find that the songs were only known by a select few?

If so, you probably championed that album to your friends. You’d wave your hands in the air, pleading, “You don’t understand! This is better than all those famous ones! It has to be heard!”

Maybe you converted a few people, but most of us never got to see some of our most beloved albums reach a wide audience.

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Ross King’s new full-length worship project, This Hope Will Guide Me and I think it’s better than anything they’re playing on Christian radio these days. That’s why I’m asking you to help me in my mission to make sure this album gets heard.

Music for Jesus followers is in a weird place, lately. Whether we like it or not, things have been divided and a choice has to be made: create songs that are dogmatic and exalt intellectual acumen over all else OR spend your energy on writing fanciful, memorable emotion.

But isn’t faith in Christ both of those things? Aren’t we supposed to be serious thinkers and serious rejoicers? Shouldn’t our serious thought about the things of God move us to gratitude?

This new record is a wonder. Ross and his players have created something beautiful. And thoughtful. And for every time you’ve turned off a CCM song in disgust, I offer this collection of songs – it’s that good. You’ll be challenged to think hard about what it means to follow Jesus and you’ll see clearly the beauty of redemption and mercy in real, every-day life.

Buy the record. Gift it to people. Email lyrics to your friends. Pass the songs to your worship leader or pastor. Do what you can to see that God’s people hear songs so perfectly suited to this difficult – and important – walk of faith.

For updates on the album release, follow @rosskingmusic today.

This record is so good!


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