This thing has become less about rants and more about me just throwing every stray thought on the blog.

I’ll try my best to say controversial things, but often, I’ve just got a lot of dumb stuff to say.

The comment section of this particular series is one of my favorites – it’s fun to see what kind of stuff frustrates and amuses worship leaders!

– Tried something pretty different with our drums at church this week. I think it’s going to work, but I’m still a bit nervous!

– My commitment to songwriting has been hit pretty hard by work stuff and my attempt to get more exercise. Lots of nights, I’m hitting the treadmill instead of grabbing the guitar.

– Been listening through a recent Vineyard release and once again, I’m impressed with their forays into alt-country. That sort of brash, jangly straight-ahead stuff is so interesting to me – would love to write like that.

SCWC is next week! Hope lots of people show up!

– Got an iPhone this week. Really wanted to land a solid worship leader hipster joke here, but I think they’ve all been done.

– I really hate being the old grouchy worship leader, but the music of Rend Collective does nothing for me. In fact, it kinda bugs me.

– As you’re reading this, A/C repairmen on en route to our home because our air went out Thursday night. Summer!

– Accidentally started writing a song unlike anything I’ve written before. Much darker/subdued than what I normally write. It’s coming from a real place, but I worry about it coming off disingenuous. Also not totally sure it’s a worship song. (Which is very rare around here.)



  1. lizreeves

    1. You just now got on iPhone? I thought you had one. Thought that’s what you used to film the vlogs on. I do believe Larry & I are the last human beings alive without iPhones. Or any other kind of smart phone.

    2. Looking forward to hearing the new song.

    • toddwright

      I’ve always liked staying away from full-Apple-addiction. Loved my Android phone, but when it came time for an upgrade, all the ones I wanted were hundreds of dollars.

      Iphone 4 was free, so I said, “Yes, please!”

  2. bfunk1978

    Everybody in the band has an iPhone. The sound board has an iOS app for adjusting your monitor mix. We play pre-service music from a Macbook. I have an HTC One S. I think I might be at the wrong church.

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