angry-blogger-300x251A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post explaining why I don’t use multi-tracks in worship. I tried to keep it personal and speak from my position within a local church, but had a few folks who seemed to take issue with what I said.

I’m not talking about disagreement with my reasons – I mean people who told me I couldn’t ask these questions or claiming that if I really understood tracks I wouldn’t be saying these things. And that’s frustrating.

I shared my opinion on a few downsides of this particular tool expecting some dialogue from those who use tracks – maybe some firsthand accounts of how tracks have helped – and instead I was told I was wrong for even asking.

Why in the heck would other worship leaders get mad at my methods for my congregation? I’d encourage you to read the original post…maybe it came off more judgmental than I thought?

Worship leaders, instead of freaking out about some blogger who “just doesn’t get it”, why not just share from your place of experience? We’re all better for it.


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