This thing has become less about rants and more about me just throwing every stray thought on the blog.

I’ll try my best to say controversial things, but often, I’ve just got a lot of dumb stuff to say.

The comment section of this particular series is one of my favorites – it’s fun to see what kind of stuff frustrates and amuses worship leaders!

– Seems like a lot of worship songs are written around the theme of, “Hey, we’re singing a worship song right now!”

– Been kinda’ crazy this week when it comes to scheduling musicians. I’ll admit I’ve been pretty distracted with calendars and rehearsals and trying to make sure everybody’s in their spot come Sunday!

– Anybody else had enough of the “male vocal octave jump”?

– Got a post in the works where I praise Hillsong. This is a big deal. Be on the lookout.

– Been a good songwriting week. Feel like I’ve got a couple of songs with strong ideas. Now, just to finish them!

– Related: I am an extremely slow songwriter. Takes me forever to come up with stuff.

– Related: Also really wishing for a stable spot to record worktapes. Right now, I’m singing into my phone or laptop, but it’s a hassle if I want to use a microphone. Need something stationary in my house where I can just sit and sing!


One comment

  1. Kelly Perkins

    You might want to consider a BOSS BR-800 studio-in-a-box…I have one and it is great for making home demos…it also comes with SONAR LX for your computer and the BR-800 can be used as an interface with the software.

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