Ever wonder if you’ve got what it takes to be a worship leader?


Well, worry no more, friends. Because I’ve got a quick and easy list of questions that will help you decide if you ought to jump up there and lead some singing one day.

I can’t be responsible for what happens after you read this post, folks. There may be some of you that find yourself slap-dab in the middle of worship planning session after reading this post.

For those of you who realize you can’t cut it, don’t worry. Worship leading ain’t for everybody. But if you answer yes to at least five of these, well…you know what needs to happen next.

1. Do you enjoy answering vague questions that might also be threats? (“So, are you one of these ‘loud’ worship leaders?”) 

2. Can you justify your musical choices on the fly when a band member suggests that you don’t know how to arrange music? (In the middle of rehearsal, mind you.)

3. Are you okay with strangers posting snide remarks on your website? (“If I bought you some clean blue jeans, would you wear them to church?”)

4. Can you still think about God’s grace and worth while two kids make out in the front row of the church during a youth rally? (It’s harder than you think.)

5. Are you willing to have an awkward discussion with someone who requests a specific song because it makes them feel closer to God? (Even if you think the song is terrible?)

6. Can you play a song strong and true when the musicians around you seem to have lost the ability to play music? (And/or read charts…)

7. When someone hands you a CD of classic rock songs with new Jesus-words, can you say “no way” and still be appreciative for the input? (You can put Jesus-words to anything, it seems.)

8. Can you stand confidently behind a crumbling sound board even though you’re clueless and the service is starting in four minutes? (“It’s probably just an EQ thing – we’ll be fine.”)

9. Can you willingly cut a song from your set because you’re taking time away from the preaching? (It’s okay. Hardly any worship leaders can do this.)

10. Can you show up to mid-week rehearsal with a smile when all you really want is to stay home and play XBox? (Not me…I’ve heard that some worship leaders play XBox. But, not, you know, me.)

Okay. Well, good luck on your worship leading journey. (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!)

Worship leaders…what other questions would be good for this list?


  1. Wayne Duke

    Just one additional question, can you block your wife out like Shaquille O’neil after one of those sweet little old ladies says “that song was of the devil” because you used a guitar to play it. (Your wife hears every word)

  2. Bob whitton

    Can you answer the blue hair when she asks you immediately after service “why did it sound like a funeral tonight? Did someone die?” When all you did was ask the piano player and drummer to sit this week out and added a violin and cello for something different. (All I could do was laugh….I didn’t even respond.)

  3. Kelly Perkins

    I remember one Sunday morning, we had a real rockin’ type set list prepared, but, switched it to a more low key set because there was no one in the congregation that appeared to be under 60…wrong move…we got a few comments that the worship had no life in it!!

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