Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 3.06.52 PMDay 2 of the Echo Conference at Watermark Church. Went up with three Bethel staffers (communications, family/downtown campus and worship/downtown campus). Since there’s so much stuff packed into a the days, breaking up the blogging into sections is the only way to go.

2013-07-25 10.00.20

Got to the church just in time to grab a seat at the first session. (Side note – smart move to schedule breakout sessions first. Folks are way more likely to show up late when a day starts with a big keynote with music and announcements.) I was excited to attend a session in Watermark’s chapel. It was a bright, reverberant room with pews. Dig it.

Sunday Morning Morons (Nathan Finochio)
Nathan was one of the worship leaders at the Wednesday night session and he wore a giant v-neck, so of course I was suspicious. But his talk was about being a moron so that seemed about perfect for me.

Nathan hosted a great session. He has funny, conversational and honest. I appreciated that Nathan spoke from his own experience instead of speaking from some sort of top-down, authoritarian perspective. In essence, he told us “the 10 morons I’ve been.”

UNPREPARED MORON – Knowing songs is easy. Knowing how them to put those songs together is much harder. When we’re unprepared, we tend to fill up the spaces with rambling and Christianese.

UNRESTED MORON – Make decisions that will produce the most rested state when you come to lead.

EMO MORON – Don’t be self-absorbed. Watch your intensity.

INFLEXIBLE MORON – You’re a servant. Serve your pastor and church family.

IMPATIENT MORON – Show grace to those who struggle. Your impatience will turn into anger.

DEMANDING MORON – Don’t barker orders at your congregation. Worship takes many shapes.

DISTRACTING MORON – The most distracting you can be is unprepared. Far more distracting that lights or clothing or external factors.

DISCIPLINING MORON – There is a place for correction. But think, pray, plan for that instead of lashing out.

GREEN ROOM MORON – This is the rock star mentality. This is a family..start acting like it.

SUPER SPIRITUAL MORON – Superstitious, unwilling to be honest. He even took a shot at his particular religious background by saying…”Charismatics are the Irish of Christianity.”

Nathan did a great job. While a lot of the stuff was familiar to me, he did a great job of presenting the material with grace and humor.


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