Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 3.06.52 PMDay 2 of the Echo Conference at Watermark Church. Went up with three Bethel staffers (communications, family/downtown campus and worship/downtown campus). Since there’s so much stuff packed into a the days, breaking up the blogging into sections is the only way to go.
After first breakout session, we went for Main Session 2, which didn’t feature a keynote speaker. Instead, the leadership of the conference came up, played some games and ran even more amazing videos. The conference is built around an 8-bit/old video game theme. In fact, the bumper video was an 8-bit animation of a NES-era Chuck Norris battling his way through Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Pac-Man. Flashy? Yes. Amazing? Also yes.

There were some more fun videos and then we were treated to a teaser of Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Noah movie. I didn’t even know such a movie was in the works but the video was pretty great. After that, five of the breakout leaders spoke in rapid-fire, ten minute segments. It was fast-paced, but insightful. Here’s a mini-recap of what they had to say.

Gary Molander
-What would you do if you acted like fear wasn’t involved?
-In life’s biggest and smallest moments you can’t get rid of fear but you can put it a trunk and take it along for the ride.

Stephen Brewster
-“What you do” isn’t who you are.
– Our job is to move people from A to B
– We get confused and think it’s all about what we’ve designed
-We usually learn about ourselves in failure

Drew Worsham
-We often encounter things that seem impossible, but changing the perspective changes everything
-3 ways to change perspective to open up the right side of our brains: write/collect ideas, ask a different question, get out of your seat

Carlos Whittaker
-We leave “anticipation” out of our story telling, how do we build it?
-Church is too predictable

Whitney George
-Every idea is the product of something else
-None of us can create something from nothing
-Don’t go for originality go for authenticity

1001674_10152078891684008_1618953960_nThe Main Session wrapped and we headed out for lunch (provided by the conference!)


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