This is where I post the things that frustrate me as a worship leader.

I share them from the perspective of a normal dude leading worship in a normal church. (Is there such a thing as a “normal” church?)

If you find something of interest on these more negative posts, that either means you need a similar release. Or you’re just a grumpy old worship leader. No shame in that. One of my best friends (me) is a grumpy old worship leader.

Since we didn’t do one of these last week, I got a WHOLE BATCH of things that I find weird and silly about the world we work in.

– Anybody else sick of these online articles, “Why Men Don’t Sing” or “Why Generation Blah-blah Is Leaving The Church”? They’ve been publishing articles like this for twenty years, you guys. Every church is its own thing. Let’s stop letting one blogger tell us how to do ministry. (Except this blogger, I mean. You should totally do everything I tell you.)

– Moving to a new worship order this week. Should have a full post up next week sharing both the “why” and “how it’s going” perspectives.

– At the Echo Conference a couple of weeks ago, I asked a really stupid question during the tour of Watermark Community Church. Felt like an idiot. Stupid Echo Conference.

– I’ve decided to do something this Christmas that I’ve never done: put on a Christmas concert. I’ll share more details later, but I’m freaking out about it. What was I thinking? I HATE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

– I recently heard an expert tell a room full of people that church in “too predictable.” He then challenged us to mix-it-up, do something different. You know what the church has done for a long, long time? Sing, pray, read scripture, take Communion. You know what churches do today? The same thing. Just because some guy with a chin-strap and baseball cap puts the singing here and the communion there doesn’t mean he’s mixing it up. You wanna’ do church differently? Bring in an elephant one Sunday during the Call To Worship. That’ll mix it up.

– Crazy people have all the power.

– I hate church budgeting. It freaks me out.

– I love having lunch with my Senior Pastor. I’ve just learned when I ask him to let him off the hook. Pastors get called to mystery lunches all the time. When I ask to have lunch, I let him know, “No agenda. Just barbecue.”

– I have quite a few FB friends who post all the time about wanting to become famous. That’s weird, right?

– Church has been particularly stressful lately, which means I’ve gone to one of my favorite comforts. VIDEO GAMES. I’m terrible at them, but they honestly make me feel so much better.

– Realizing I don’t read enough fiction anymore. I love fiction but sometimes feel a little guilty reading it. Isn’t that crazy?



  1. Jeff Q

    Man, I left a few comments on that “Why Men Don’t Sing” post. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever read. Complete worship war trolling.

  2. johnnydrummer

    Why on Earth would you want to mix up worship, when the Bible’s model is the exact opposite?
    Rhetorical, of course. The answer is “to pander to our desire for novelty.”

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