original-career_retrospective_coverLast year, my friend and frequent writing partner, Ross King, brought an idea to one of our Skype-writing sessions. He had an idea for a hymn and wanted to see if we could turn that idea into an actual song.

He wanted to call it “Hallelujah For The Cross”, and asked if I wanted to help finish it. Let me tell you – it was already a great song, even in its early stages. Ross had a strong sense of the melody and the chorus was at 90%. We worked mostly on verses 2 and 3.

Because lyrics are harder for me than melody, I’ve found it’s good for me to write a ton of verses, which is what I did for this song. I wrote multiple verses, just hoping that in five or six attempts I could land a couple of solid lines! And that’s what happened. For V2, we cut together some of my stuff with Ross had worked on and ended up with a solid verse. The third verse didn’t require as much work. Since we were aiming for three verses to begin with, it was nice to get that one done!

Once we were finished, I felt good about the song. We talked briefly about how we do it in our own churches and left it at that. I really liked the song, but had no idea what would await that little hymn.

As Ross was in the studio working on his new full-length worship album, This Hope Will Guide Me, I started getting texts constantly.

Stuff like, “Um, I think HTFTC might be a better song that we thought…”

Eventually, he started sending me tracks. And he was right.

The production team on the new record had taken a very simple hymn and turned into a giant, singable, moving anthem that stunned me. This song had taken on a life of its own and I think it might be something that churches will be singing very soon.

And you can have it.


To get ready for the release of the new album, Ross has created a pay-what-you-want, “Career Retrospective”, and made it available at The download features some of his best stuff over the years as well as this song – Hallelujah For The Cross.

I’m asking all of you – readers, friends, commenters, bloggers, worship leaders, etc – to head over right now and download this collection. I’m proud of this song and I want you to hear it. I think you’ll like it so much, that when the full album drops in a couple of weeks, you’ll help me saturate the internet to tell people they need this record. If you’re a worship leader, I’d love for you to use this song. We’re happy to provide charts if you need them for your team.


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