10 Jackalope Riding Jack Rab PC 10I’m a Texan. Born, raised, and still live here.

I used to think I’d leave, but now not so much. The older I get, the more I think this state is the greatest collection of people and environments in the known universe. (Every Texan feels this way, though.)

Our state’s got its problems and I know not everything is better in Texas. But there are some worship culture icons and practices that I firmly believe originated in Texas. My logic here is that if something is brilliant, it probably started in the Lone Star.

And please don’t muddy the waters with things like “actual facts.” I am not interested in those. I am interested in how awesome Texas is. USA! USA! USA!


You can tell me David Wilcox invented it until your dying day. As far as I’m concerned the cut-capo was the brainchild of one Mr. Billy Foote. Where else would such an amazing thing originate? Think about it: cut-capo requires less work but sounds way cooler than standard tuning! You don’t find that kind of lazy genius anywhere else.

The whole turn-and-tell-someone-good-morning thing on Sundays has to come from Texas. We’re the friendliest people in this country! How does a two minute hug-fest NOT originate in the Lone Star State? I can only imagine how all you churches in the midwest do this sort of thing…y’all probably don’t even talk to one another. Maybe you should start being a bit more “Texan” in your churches, okay?

You know that thing in modern worship songs where the first verse is building to what can only be a huge-explosion-of-sound, but instead all the instruments fall out and its just acoustic and vocals? That has to be Texas, you guys. We’re an emotional people. We’re also creatures of habit. That first chorus is just too emotional (and comfortable) to resist. I’m positive we started that one.


What else feels like it might have Texan origin? (If you feel even the slightest inclination to post a comment with correct info on these trends or first-hand knowledge of their origins, please don’t. You’re a huge nerd with no sense of humor and everybody gets weirded out when you do that stuff.)



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