This is where I post the things that frustrate me as a worship leader.

I share them from the perspective of a normal dude leading worship in a normal church. (Is there such a thing as a “normal” church?)

If you find something of interest on these more negative posts, that either means you need a similar release or you’re just a grumpy old worship leader. No shame in that. One of my best friends is a grumpy old worship leader. (Me.)

– You might have seen me waxing nostalgic about U2 this week. Since it was already on my mind, I dragged my entire U2 collection into my phone and decided to work my way back through some of their early stuff. I’ve read lots of interviews where they have claimed to be a punk band from the get-go, but short of Bono’s affectations, there wasn’t much punk about them. They were doing some complex stuff, even then.

– I tried to read Leif Enger’s Peace Like A River years ago and hated it. I bailed two chapters in. But for some reason I picked up again last month and have enjoyed reading it. That ever happen to anybody else? End up loving a book you hated?

– Good songwriting week: finished my first singer-songwriter tune in years, finally finished a song I started before Jonah was born and got one verse in to a new melody that showed up in my head. I’m still processing that whole “write for you” vs. “write for the people” thing. A lot of writers manage that fine, but it’s hard for me.

– Speaking of writing…I have an idea for a book. Don’t know if it’s worth the time, but I keep hearing the old phrase, “Writers write.” (Or, Wrighters, maybe?)

– Ross King’s album drops next week. I’ve got two co-writes on it and I could not be any more proud.

– Still need to blog about our whole new worship order we’re trying at Bethel.

– Sunday will be two weeks in a row where I’ve put in serious time making sure I have the songs memorized. Scary!



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