This is where I post the things that frustrate me as a worship leader.

I share them from the perspective of a normal dude leading worship in a normal church. (Is there such a thing as a “normal” church?)

If you find something of interest on these more negative posts, that either means you need a similar release or you’re just a grumpy old worship leader. No shame in that. One of my best friends is a grumpy old worship leader. (Me.)

– Budget season at the church. Very stressful. I’m always scared of asking for too much money. As if our Executive Pastor is gonna’ slam his fist on the desk and yell, “Get out of here, you greedy little twerp!”

– Auditioned a new drummer at Bethel. This will be a big help with our current drummer’s work schedule. That way, we’re not exhausting our (already overworked) drummer!

– My electric guitar players both bought Timeline pedals. I think they’re feeling quite challenged by what Strymon has built…

– Still working toward having my songs memorized each week. So far, so good, but all four verses of In Christ Alone may eat my lunch on Sunday.

– Grabbed my dad’s guitar when I was back home so Jonah and I can jump back into guitar lessons.

– Ben Affleck is the new Batman. And I am not happy.

– Jumped of the other day and bought a cheap book. I’m almost done with it. It’s terrible. Like, so terrible, I won’t even tell you what it is.


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  1. Kelly Perkins

    Talk about guitar pedals…Hammond just came out with a digital Leslie pedal…it sure saves on the back for those of us guitarists who are used to using the real thing. They sound awesome and they model the four most popular Leslie cabs.

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