post-24774-Season-1--Walter-White-Zsn5Vince Gilligan is the creator and show-runner for AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Before the premier a few weeks ago, Gilligan was featured on the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick. If you’ve never heard him, Gilligan is a soft-spoken, respectful, funny guy with a thick Southern accent.

Who happens to be the creator of one of the darkest, bleakest shows in recent history.

It’s unlikely that I need to layout the premise of the show. It’s famous enough by now that most everybody knows essentially what the show is. It’s also unlikely I’ve got a compelling “why-Christians-should-watch-this-show” post. There are lots of those posts already written, and much better than I could do.

I’m more intrigued by Gilligan’s conversation with the Nerdist guys when it came to the popular question of why Walter White has done so many terrible things when he could have stopped at any time (or never even started!)

I’m paraphrasing the interview, but the theme was something close to this:

“Walt’s problem isn’t cancer. It’s not poverty. It’s insignificance. Watch back through the show and see how many outbursts and bad decisions exists because Walt isn’t getting the respect he thinks he deserves.”


Vince Gilligan has given us an exaggerated warning about the power of expectation and if we’re honest, we’ve probably all turned into Walt a few times – simply because we didn’t get the respect we wanted.

Expectations are dangerous, gang, and I’d urge you to fight them. Here are a few ideas.

1. Remember to trust. The whole of Scripture teaches us that God has a plan. Time after time, His people were often angry or confused and yet, God still got his way every single time. He still does. One of the best ways to battle expectation is to read God’s Word; see first hand all the times God proves himself to be smarter and wiser than you are.

2. Call it what it is. When those expectations creep up, confess it. Say it out loud. Look at your spouse and say, “I’m feeling entitled and petty and I’m really messed up right now.” Admit it, confess Jesus as the victor over sin and get moving.

3. Remember what He’s done. Take stock of your life and you’ll find that God’s done so many miracles and wonders for you that you never deserved. He’s been good and faithful to you and me, and when we turn into entitled brats it’s more than just ungodly…it’s idolatry.


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