Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.17.05 AMIt’s that time again! Your old pal, Todd, is back with more things to click! Get on it!

Below you’ll find some links to stuff I think is cool and/or helpful for worship leaders.

If you have time, please click through the links. I try to recommend good, helpful content and it really does bless these folks when you pop over to their sites.

It’s one small way to stay connected to people who share our love for the local church – and it will mean a lot to them!


FoyVanceJON1500pxReally digging Foy Vance’s new project, Joy Of Nothing. I was familiar with his music, but got really interested this summer after watching a mini-documentary about the making of this album.

Vance is a great songwriter and vocalists, but what’s most impressive is how he and the musicians on the record manage to pull off so much power while playing so sparsely. It’s as if each song is an experiment to see how much can be omitted to build dynamically. This is a great record for worship leaders and songwriters – there’s much to learn from this guy.

noel_gallagher_high_flying_birds_album_cover_location_beverly_hillsMy recent obsession with Oasis was now shifted its focus to Noel Gallagher. This happened, in part, because I realized that Noel was responsible for all the stuff I love most about Oasis. During their heyday, Oasis got a lot of Beatles comparisons, but I think those accolades are even more relevant to Noel’s solo effort, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Gallagher’s melodic sensibility and creative use of pop chord voicings manage to sound like McCartney/Lennon without being derivative.

Gallagher’s songs are tricky because he’s saved the melodic lift and real beauty for big choruses in response to dark, subtle verses. It’s a technique he’s managed to master without feeling like a cliche.



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