FRIDAY INSTIGATION– No matter how lavish a youth building, the youth praise band drums will always be terrible. ALWAYS.

– Coming to terms lately with my hipster-approach to popular worship songs. I admit that I don’t like doing songs that get famous. I’d much rather discover them before everybody is singing them. I’m sorry. This is just reality for me.

– Searching for a worship tune earlier this week, I realized just how many “church CDs” there are completely made up of covers. It’s an interesting phenomenon and one I don’t think we’d find in other genres of music.

– Played a gig this week, something I haven’t done in about two years. It was fun but I was so dang exhausted. Somebody’s getting old…

– Both my electric guitar players recently bought Timeline pedals. At rehearsal this week, one of them had it dialed in perfectly. All the little nuanced parts worked great with our set. Can’t wait to use it on Sunday!

– Did one of my first cold co-writes this week via Skype. It went great, always a little scary writing with somebody you don’t know, but it ended up yielding something cool. I think the song will be a good one (if we can get it finished!)


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