OptimismI don’t consider worship leaders to be a pessimistic people, generally.

Many of us are happy-go-lucky, everything-is-awesome, let’s-eat-cookies positive life forces.

But it’s still easy to get down about stuff. Be it struggling musicians, relational drama, church politics…a lot of stuff can get worship leaders discouraged. Like we say all the time around here, worship leading is hard.

But I want to start your week off with some encouragement.



You live in a time of great change and blessing. If you’re feeling down at the moment, consider some of the cool things about the world in which we live.

Complain about pop radio, if you want, but the truth is that we have more diverse, honest music now than we’ve ever had. We’re living in the outcome of an indie rock movement that forever altered the way we listen to (and distribute) music.

You can find more music more easily than ever before. The slow death of record labels has made a way for small, unsigned, unknown musicians to be heard and celebrated.

And that affects worship, too. Worship artists are writing honest, risky songs born within the local church and for local believers. That means good music.

While I do miss the action movies of the 1980’s, I think it worth mentioning that other art forms are also thriving in this day and age. It’s hard not to attribute everything to the internet, but the reality is that the digitization of book sales and the rise of film-festival culture have raised the bar for movies and books.

Authors with serious chops are now on a level playing field with the celebrity writers. (In both fiction and non-fiction.) You have access to hard-won wisdom and powerful story-telling.

Filmmakers are also rising in prominence because of the resurgence of character within movies. Yeah, there are lots remakes and reboots these days, but there is also a vast catalog of films focused solely on compelling character studies. This is good stuff for folks like me and you…good storytelling helps us be better at what we do!

There was a time where you couldn’t talk to other worship leaders unless you drove to their churches. Now you have the ability to know and learn from worship leaders all over the world. Granted, social media is nowhere near as good as actually knowing other worship leaders, but it can be a great addition to your life. Do you have other worship leaders you talk to? Do you have people who will listen to your ideas and give you good feedback? The internet makes that possible for your ministry.


Take time to be grateful this week. Rejoice in the gifts God-given and use those gifts to grow in your gifting and calling!


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