Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 8.58.36 PMRare day for me. Our normal Monday team meeting at Bethel has moved to twice a month and today was the first Monday “off” from the normal morning schedule.

We all got up early to get the kids to the homeschool co-op we do. Kristen very graciously told me I should take a Monday morning off when I could get it, so I went home for a couple of hours. Did a little bit of work on stuff for worship this week; nothing major.

At lunch, I drove up to school and had pizza with Kristen while the kids played. Jonah went to his

afternoon class and I took Finley home. I cleaned up the house a bit and banged out set notes for the band this week. Around 4, I went back up to the church to record a video for our info meeting this coming Sunday about Bill Glass Prison Ministry. I am pumped about the upcoming prison ministry trip in November and I am doing all I can to get people there!

After the video, I went over to the sanctuary and put new strings on my guitar. (Broke a string yesterday! GRRRR.) Also took the time to balance out the gain on my primary acoustic and secondary. Noticed yesterday how much lower my “2nd” guitar sits in the mix, so I tried to get them closer together. The second guitar is just far too quiet, requiring me to push too much gain and making me drop my primary instrument way,way down on the pickup controls. May try to setup an A/B switcher with a gain boost for the quiet guitar.

Came home, had a great conversation with my next door neighbor. He’s a dude who loves Jesus and people and service. Always convicted and inspired by him. Had some tasty pulled pork with the family, hung out for a bit and then pulled up some Longmire on the iPad and hit the treadmill.

I’ve got an early day tomorrow doing something really cool. I can’t give too many details, but tomorrow night I’ll let you in on the big project. I think y’all are gonna’ dig it!

Getting ready for my big video shoot.

Getting ready for my big video shoot.

2013-09-30 16.14.23

I look GOOD on this thing.


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