7582720_4794Hello, friends.

Well, I’m just going to state the obvious here…

I’ve neglected the old blog the past few weeks, plain and simple.

It’s been a strange mix of a busier schedule and that old familiar feeling of “having nothing to say.” Not a great combination when it comes to blogging, as you can imagine.

The things that have pulled me away from blogging are good things – some might even say great – so it’s hard for me to feel that awful about it.

So, for right now, the blog may take on more of a “journal” vibe. I don’t have much time right now for the more resource-focused posts, but I can at least keep in touch and let y’all know what’s up. I love sharing resources and encouragement with worship leaders and I’m confident I’ll get back to that soon, but for right now, you’re gonna’ have to settle for boring daily updates.

I’d love for you to stop by the blog tomorrow night. I’m in Dallas for a couple of days working on something pretty fun and I’m hoping to have some good pics to go along with a good story about what I’m doing the next couple of days.

There’s also some cool church stuff happening, too, so plan on hearing some of that very soon! Thanks again, for reading, gang! And thanks for being patient with me!

See ya’ tomorrow night. (For real. Don’t miss it.)


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